Here are the answers to some common questions.

I have never shot a gun before and am afraid of them. Can I learn to shoot?
Absolutely! We make the process very easy and safe with private small group classes.
Do I need my own gun to take one of your courses?
No. We provide handguns and ammo for all our courses but also encourage you to bring your own if you have one and want to learn it specifically. If you bring your own gun, please bring your own ammo.
My husband/boyfriend has guns and I'd like to learn about them. Is that common?
Yes. A majority of our students have been women that have partners that already own guns. Women also seem to enjoy our stress-free, small classes with more one-on-one instruction. Sign up with a girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse we’ll give you a discount! In fact, the women students often end up shooting the qualification better than their partner.
How many students are in your classes?
Our class size is limited 2-4 students. Small classes allow us to provide personal attention to each student.
Do you teach an approved CCW course?
No. We specialize in helping new shooters get started safely with the fundamentals of shooting and solid marksmanship. We are familiar with the CCW process for Orange County and can assist you with finding solid defensive firearms instruction and getting the CCW process started. Shoot us an email.
I want to purchase a handgun. Can you help me select one?
I would be happy to assist you in selecting a handgun. Shoot me an email.
What should I wear to class?
For your comfort at the shooting range please wear close-toed, comfortable shoes. Also, the ejected spent cartridge casings are hot, so wear or have something that covers your upper torso (front and back) as you would not want those hot things getting trapped between your clothes and skin. Some people say indoor ranges are cold, so if you are sensitive to cold, bring a light cover to keep you warm.
What areas do you teach in?
We teach private courses throughout south Orange County using your location and ranges near you.
How do I sign up for a course, event, or private training?
Since our classes are private, simply call or email us and we can schedule one for you.

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